Top 15+Tips to win freelance jobs

Top 15+ Tips to Win Freelance Jobs Quickly

Freelance jobs give you the comfort of flexible work hours and help you to earn as much as you want. A freelancer is the boss of his own and is not answerable to anyone except himself. He doesn’t need to go anywhere daily; rather he can work at his home in his comfort zone. Above all these, you don’t require a huge amount of money to start your freelancing career and to find freelancer jobs. Rather, it is very cheap and easy to get freelancer jobs online.

Boy working on computer and enjoying dollars in return

Here are some tips which will surely help you to find freelancer jobs and to make a mark as a freelancer.

Identify the Right Skill to win more freelance jobs

There are dozens of skills that you can offer online while finding freelancer jobs. You can use Google to find the trending skills that can help you to earn a healthy amount of money. But remember, every skill is not for you. You have to identify the skill that excites you as well as has a wide scope. A wise man once says the luckiest man on the planet is the one whose source of income is his hobby.

freelance jobs and skills which are highly paid in 2019


Polish Your Skill

Once you have chosen, which skill will be your tool to excel in the freelance industry. You have to polish and master your skill. You don’t strictly need to get a formal education to learn and develop a particular skill. Rather, you can take an online course or you can watch video tutorials to learn a new skill or to polish the skill to an advanced level, you already have.

Communication and Business Development

No matter, whichever skill you have, you have to be very good at communication and business development to find freelancer jobs at Top 5+ freelance websites. While finding freelance jobs, you will not meet anyone in person. Rather it will be your communication and business development skill which will help you to find freelancer jobs.

Improve Your English 

English is an international communication language. Working as a freelancer, you will have to communicate with your clients in English. So, to find freelancer jobs, you must be able to speak and write English frequently. You should look professional while communicating with your clients.

Understand the Types of Freelance Platforms

You can find freelance jobs at many online freelance platforms. Mainly, there are two types of freelance platforms. On traditional platforms, clients post their projects and freelancers offer their bids to win the projects. Upwork, freelancer and Guru are some famous such platforms. On non-traditional platforms, freelancers create their gigs/offers to find freelancer jobs and buyers place orders to them after visiting their gigs/offers. Fiverr and PeoplePerHour are most common examples.

Upwork is platfrom which is used for finding freelance jobs

Fiverr is platfrom which is used by people to find and hire freelance jobs

 Make an Attractive Profile for freelance websites

Whether you are finding freelancer jobs on a traditional platform or on a non-traditional platform. Your freelance profile is the key to win freelance jobs. A simple and eye-catchy profile picture, a description explaining your skills and experience and a healthy portfolio are the essential ingredients of an effective freelance profile.


 freelancer upwork profile image for freelance jobs motivation

Enrich your Portfolio for Freelance jobs

Your portfolio is your introduction and the gateway to your freelance profile. While finding freelance jobs, your portfolio helps you to win the client’s trust. As a beginner, you can offer your work free of cost to different companies and individuals to enrich your portfolio. This investment will surely pay you off in the future.

Make  Bids Smartly for winning more freelance jobs/projects

While finding freelancer jobs on traditional platforms, you have to make effective bids on the projects which match your expertise. You must understand the project and make sure you can complete the project if you get it. Present a concise proposal and appropriate samples of your work in your bid.

Create an Effective Gig/Offer to win freelance jobs

On non-traditional platforms, you win freelancer jobs through your gig/offer. Describe your skill-set effectively in your gig/offer and include your best work as your portfolio in it to get more and more orders.

Fiverr Gig Example to win more freelance jobs

catchy fiverr gig image to show effective way to get freelance jobs

Now you are thinking about How to get orders on Fiverr?

 Evaluate Your Price

In order to get money, you deserve, you have to evaluate your price properly. You can set your per hour rate or can get a fixed price for a freelancer job. In both scenarios, you must assess the time required to complete a project and the value of your expertise in the market. As a beginner, you can consult a seasoned freelancer to evaluate your price. Avoid setting random as it will have a negative effect on your profile.

Be Patient and Remain Positive

At the start of your freelance career, you may have to wait for a long period of time to get your first order. You will find it difficult to find freelancer jobs in the beginning. Don’t be disappointed with this situation and keep working to advance your skill-set. Your patience and positive attitude will earn you a lot of freelancer jobs soon.

Meet the Agreed Timeline

Before finalizing an order, you must assess the time required to complete the project. Assessing the required time, you should understand the project details and do consider other commitments too. Once you agreed on a timeline with your client, make sure to deliver the project in the agreed time. It will urge the client to work with you again in the future.

Keep Your Standard High

Sometimes, you get a lot of orders and work in a rush to complete all of them at the same time. Make sure, this does not affect the quality of your work. If you want to win freelancer jobs consistently then never compromise on the quality and always keep the standard of your work high.

Get Positive Feedback/Review

Positive feedback of clients is the backbone of your freelance profile. Although, it’s not entirely in your hands. All you can do is, keep the standard of your work high and deliver the projects in time. Don’t forget to ask your clients for their honest feedback on completion of projects.

Use Social Media to Promote Yourself for Freelance website

Social media especially Facebook is a powerful tool for self-promotion. Promoting your freelance profile and gigs/offers on Facebook and other social media platforms will surely help you to find freelancer jobs.


 social sharing of services to win to get promotion of profile



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