Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion is the name of popular trends, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle, etc. Fashion trends are distinctive but sometimes, the constant trend is followed.

It is said, “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” We cannot resist new trends; we follow fashion trends in our own way. In 2019 we noticed the continuation of a few previous year trends.

Like Black and white is in trend this year too. This summer we are seeing some gorgeous formals and wedding versions on our timeline in black and white.

Fashion trends 2019


Several top brands released their formal collections in striking black and white colors.

We are sure, this trend is going to be more popular because many designers are

contributing in it.

Once Christy Romano said, “You don’t need really expensive clothes to look cute”.  If we follow the latest style properly we can have up to date look, which is the dream of every girl.  The chubby and skinny look doesn’t matter, the which matter is, your right choice to choose the latest style which suits you.

This summer short and medium length shirts are in fashion. Palazzos cannot take place in the fashion market instead of flared and cigarette pant are in fashion.

In this summer season, a huge variety of prints is available, you can choose French and strong bold prints to look attractive but don’t forget to choose a color according to your skin tone.

Digital prints are again popular in the fashion market this summer.

Animal prints are also very popular among the young generation in the of fashion. However, due to religious values, many aged women don’t adopt this trend.

Many top brands have launched their ready to wear collection, which has medium length shirts and cigarette trouser.

Gul Ahmed has launched very attractive floral and geometric prints of lawn collection with silk dupatta for the women of all ages.

latest fashion trends 2019 image

Nishat linen’s admiring stitched and unstitched collection has been launched.  This year lawn series of Nishat is very exclusive and attractive. Nishant’s collection lives in the heart of the customers due to the high quality of the fabric and unique attractive designs.

Few More latest Fashion trends of 2019

Alkaram Nihsat latest design 2019

New design with new style won the heart of every woman.

Pakistan is a developing the country but when it comes to fashion, Pakistan stands among leading countries. People of Pakistan adopt the latest fashion and trends easily. They remain up to date and are inspired by the national and international fashion market.

Some more Fashion Trends in 2019

The interesting thing is this, fashion is not for rich only, we can get good dresses at reasonable prices.

Media play an important role in the popularity of new trends. New style increases our glamourous look and makes us more attractive.

The need of the time is this we should follow our national trends.  Our national fashion trends include dresses plus accessories. Our national trends also include long shirt. There is also a trend of Charisma Swiss Collection Dresses 2019

Fashion in Pakistan is not only for women, but men are also adopting a new style, but they are much inspired by international fashion market.

Few brands like Junaid Jamshaid, Gul Ahmed, Alkaram, dinners, etc give value to our traditional dress shalwar kameez which is very popular on festive, each year.


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