How to get order on Fiverr ?

Everybody wants to earn online. It gives you the freedom to pick your very own work hours and can make money. Independent work is a dream of everyone. Who has not the desire to be his own boos? Is it difficult how to get an order on Fiverr? It is very easy but you have to below mentioned tips.

How to get order on fiverr girl working

Moreover, Freelance Websites are getting popular tremendously. Each freelance website is promoting the bidding model. Fiverr is allowing the seller to sell their services like an E-commerce store.

Do you want to know to get an order on Fiverr?

Have some patience I am going to explain how to get an order on fiver in this post.

Buyers make purchases after checking different gigs. Buyer purchase gig due to catchy pictures, description, and price. The freelancer gets paid after delivering work.

How to get the order on Fiverr?

As a Freelancer on Fiverr, you don’t have much command over your Gigs. But If you do certain things right, your Gig can be promoted and purchased abundantly.

So the trillion dollar question is, what are those properties which make a gig look catchy, promoted and get orders?.

You should keep in mind the following elements in order to make the gig unique and get orders.

1- Title & Tags:

1. Initially, pick your Keyword for the category you need to make a Gig for.

2. Search on Fiverr and ensure that the result has relevance.

3. Open the Gigs that are on Top (pick at any Top 5).

4. Write the title of every one of the five Gigs in notepad.

5. Write Tags by replicating from all gigs in notepad.

6. Notice what is the regular thing/component in those Titles.

7. Repeat the procedure for ‘Tags’

(Select five best/most used/regular tags and you will get a shortlisted Tags and Titles list)

8. After the research is done, create your gig smartly.

9. Select your category, subcategory.

10. Write the shortlisted tags without making any change.

Click on Save and Continue. You have finished the fundamental but most significant part.


1. Once more, search your Main Keyword on Fiverr.

2. This time ensure that the results are arranged by “Top-rated seller”.

3. Open 10  Gigs randomly.

4. Understand their Packages altogether and carefully.

5. Look carefully what is the normal thing in those bundles.

6. Pick those components, rewrite them intelligently.

7.  Create Packages by looking at those most selling Gigs on Fiverr.


I recommend you the following points in “Description” :

1. The first will contain my fundamental Keyword. I would commonly change it and write in my own way.

2. In another section, I write what I will do basically.

3. In another section, “Suggestion to take action”, I will ask questions and give way to the purchaser to connect with me. It is very important.

4. Need to describe my working experience, how I work, and afterward a compelling offer.

5. In detail explanation of my services in bullet points.

6. Moreover, Motivations to pick me. The ‘Why’ is significant in pulling in a view on the Gig.

7. What will the customer get in the delivery?. Source file and so forth.


Whatever you did in the Second Step, repeat this for images. The images utilized in a Gig should be wisely created and fascinating. Furthermore, An appealing image pulls in the customers and they click on your thumbnail. So an appealing, decent looking thumbnail is a key here.

In the Gig, the significance of video can’t be neglected. If you look at most selling Gigs, you will observe that most of them have videos as well.

5-Promote Your Videos:

Once, you have made your Gig, it is very important to promote on social media. I would recommend utilizing Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social sites let you make an open post (FREE) and use hashtags to contact various categories, for instance, if you are content writer, you can use #writer or any other according to your skills.

The most ideal approach to pick a hashtag is, type in # and after that compose a word i.e SEO.So, the platform will naturally give all of your proposals identified with that hashtag. Pick the one you feel fits best and use it.

In the post, you can use the link of your Gig. So, I would encourage you to abbreviate the URL, numerous sites offer this free service. You will notice the difference between gigs views within no time consequently.


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