Fauji Foundation stipend 2021 and its rules

Fauji Foundation stipend

Furthermore, the Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2021 announced. Fauji Foundation awards educational stipend as assistance to ex-service personnel and their dependents for the pursuit of education and training within Pakistan only.


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(Effective From 01 October 2019)

Fauji Foundation stipend Introduction:

Furthermore, Fauji Foundation awards educational stipends as assistance to ex-service personnel and their dependents (hereinafter referred to as beneficiaries) for the pursuit of education and training within Pakistan only.


Furthermore, The Term “Beneficiaries” includes the following for the grant of educational stipend: –

    • Moreover, Released, retired and discharged personnel of the Regular Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Northern Light Infantry, Defence Services Guards and 10 Corps Mujahids) citizens of Pakistan, AJ&K & Northern Areas who served in Armed Forces for minimum 10 Years, up to the rank of Colonel (including deceased Brig).
    • Wives and widows (unless remarried) of 1b (1)
    • Sons and unmarried/divorced daughters of 1b (1)
  1. Furthermore, the condition of a minimum 10-year service will be applicable to all ex-servicemen/women irrespective of their date of retirement. The condition, however, will not be applicable to the following categories:-
    • In addition, Individuals invalided out of service/medically boarded out of service on account of disability attributable/aggravated due to military service and in receipt of disability pension.
    • Short Voluntary Service (SVS) personnel and Short Service Engagement (SSE) personnel released from service on completion of their condition of
    • Personnel discharged from service “Being Surplus to Establishment”.
    • Children of
    • Children of personnel who died during

  Stipend Categories/Groups, Qualifications & Rates


Category/ Group Qualification Stipend Rate (per annum)
Group-I (Intermediate – FA/FSc/DAE) 80 % and above marks in matric and 65% marks in intervening classes Rs. 5,000.00
Group-II (Graduation)

4-5 Years Graduation study Programme

80% and above marks in intermediate or equivalent class. Government




Rs. 25,000.00 Rs. 65,000.00
Cadet Colleges at Para 9 (Pre-Matric) On promotion to the next class up to Matric Rs. 8,000.00
Group-IV (Special)

a. Children of Shuhada/ Deceased/ DisabledPersonnel (class 1st – 10th )


Non-merit based till class 10th


Rs. 3,000.00

b. Special/ Disabled Children On admission in class 1 onwards (irrespective of marks obtained, unless they become eligible for Gp-II by

obtaining 80% marks).


Rs. 6,000.00


  1. If a beneficiary student secures 79.50% to 79.99% marks in Board/ University exam, it may be rounded off as 80% for the purpose of grant of normal stipend. However, this will not be applicable in case of Group-II & FFMS/FF
  2. Children fall in “Group-IV (Special) a.” after matric, they will be considered as per merit in respective groups”.


For institutions following the CGPA system,

  1. Furthermore, if the conversion criteria are not provided by the institution then it will be considered as follows:-
Grade GPA Marks
A++ 4.75 95% & above
A+ 4.50 90% to 94%
A 4.25 85% to 89%
B 4 80% to 84%
  1. ‘O’ level / ‘A’ Level.In addition, In case the percentage of marks obtained is not given by the institution, then it will be considered as follows:-


Grade 5 GPA Marks Grade 4 GPA Marks
A++ 4.75 95% & above A++ 3.8 95% & above
A+ 4.50 90% & above A+ 3.6 90% & above
A 4.25 85% & above A 3.5 85% & above
B 4 80% & above B 3.2 80% & above
  1. The stipend is awarded in advance for present regular class/year on the basis of the previous class/year.

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Fauji foundation stipend query


  1. Furthermore,the applicant must be a regularly enrolled student of a government or recognized/ accredited institution. He/she will be eligible for stipend as under, subject to qualifications mentioned in Para 2 above:-

        Class I to Class X (Group-IV Special)

  • Moreover, Children of Shuhada, deceased or disabled ex-service personnel up to the rank of Colonel (including deceased Brig).
  • Special/Disabled children of ex-service personnel up to the rank of Colonel (including deceased Brig).

        Cl XI onwards (Gp-I & II).

  • Gp-I – Children of all ex-servicemen less
  • Gp-II – Children of all ex-servicemen up to the rank of Colonel (deceased Brig).
  • Special/disabled children will be awarded stipend on promotion to the next higher class, irrespective of marks obtained. In case a special child is eligible for the higher award in any other group, then he/she will be awarded stipend according to rates in that group. Special/Disabled children studying in normal institutions will, however, forward Disability Certificate issued by District Disability Assessing Board or Fauji Foundation Hospital/Medical Centre. Disability certificate issued by a private medical practitioner will NOT be
  • Students will be eligible to apply for a stipend in the classes they are studying, w.e.f the next day of SOS of their father/mother.
  • Maximum three children of a normal ex-serviceman will be awarded stipend in a session (in addition to Disable/Special children). However, there is no restriction for a number of children in respect of Shuhada, disabled and deceased ex-serviceman).
  1. There is no age limit for un-married/divorced daughters, special/disabled children and for ex-service personnel themselves and their
  1. In-eligibility.

    Applications in the following cases will be REJECTED / OBSERVED:-

    1. Court Martial cases, discharged from service being ill-disciplined/inefficiency (irrespective of service limit), dependents of Pak Rangers/Janbaz/Mujahid Force (Less 10 Corps Mujahids)/ Frontier Corps, Scouts/Army Postal Service, Recruits (other than para 1. c. (1) above), civilians paid out of defense estimates and East Pakistan.

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  1. Students studying in those classes of Dini Madaris for whom equivalence certificate has not been provided by the Ministry of Education/University Grants Commission/ Higher Education
  2. Applicants for Post Matric Group who have obtained less than 80% marks in the last final Board/ University
  3. Stipend already availed for the same class applied
  4. Application pertaining to previous academic
  5. If the duration of the course is less than one
  6. Form B/CNIC number differs from the previous
  7. Stipend application received in-complete in any respect and after the due
  8. If a student sends more than one application for the same session/ class, Fauji Foundation reserves the right to reject all the applications.
  9. Children of Senior Officers (Brigadiers & above) except deceased
  10. Disciplinary cases debarred from receipt of either pension or
  11. Voluntarily retiring before completion of 10 years of
  12. Invalided out, cause not attributable to military
  13. Discharged for not being found fit for further service prior to the completion of 10 years of service.
  14. Students availed stipend of higher class/group previously and now applied for lower class/group
  15. Furthermore, children should adopt rules.
  16. In addition, Stipends are restricted to only THREE children of ex-servicemen/women (in addition to invalid/special children) for all categories irrespective of the date of retirement. However, there is no restriction for wards of Shuhada, Deceased and disabled ex-servicemen/women.
  17. Specialist Courses.
  18. Furthermore, Observed cases will be reprocessed after rectification of
  1. Incomplete/Observed Cases.

    Incomplete applications will be returned to the students concerned for correction. However, postal expenses will be borne by the beneficiaries. Efforts should be made to entertain the Observed Application within the session. However, if the observed application is late due to genuine/valid reasons, should be carried forward in next

  2. Bar on Dual Stipends. The applicant must not be in receipt of stipend/monetary aid from the concerned Service Welfare Directorate. If so, he/she must surrender it before being eligible for Fauji Foundation Stipend. Otherwise, the option to select either of the stipend/aid/scholarships would rest with the student (fee concession will not be treated as monetary aid).

Beneficiaries Studying in Fauji Foundation Model Schools/Colleges.

Since the educational expenses of such beneficiaries are being heavily subsidized, hence they are not eligible for a grant of stipend. However following categories of students will remain eligible:-

Students securing 80% or above marks from class 10th

    1. Children of Shuhada, deceased or disabled ex-service
    2. Special/Disabled children of ex-service
    3. Children of ex-service personnel studying as civilians and paying the full fees (certificate to this effect will be required).

  Continuation of Stipend (Gp-II Graduation)

  1. After getting a stipend in 1st year at full rate on the basis of FA/FSc results, the student has to maintain the following percentages of results in internal/ intervening classes to continue stipend in next years:-
(1) 70% and above 100%
(2) 65 to 69.99% 75%
(3) 60 to 64.99% 50%
(4) Below 60% –             Nil



  1. For intervening classes, the cumulative result of two semesters/annual examination will be considered and stipend awarded as per sliding scale is given below:-
Conversion System GPA System Stipend Amount
On the Scale of 4.00 On the Scale of 5.00
(1)      70% & above 2.88 to 4.00 3.88 to 5.00 100 %
(2)      65% to 69.9% 2.69 to 2.87 3.69 to 3.87 75 %
(3)      60% to 64.9 % 2.50 to 2.68 3.50 to 3.68 50 %
(4)      Below 60% Below 2.50 Below 3.50 Ineligible


  1. Any other professional discipline (Degree level only) involving 4-5 years of education is also included.


9.  Stipend to Military Colleges/ Cadet Colleges.

  1. Students selected for approved Military/ Cadet Colleges in Pre-Matric classes will be given special incentives at the rate of Rs. 8000/- pa till they become eligible for a stipend in respective groups vide Para 2 above.
  2. Approved military/ cadet colleges are:-
    • Military College Jhelum
    • Military College Murree
    • Military College Sui
    • Cadet College Hassanabdal
    • Cadet College Kohat
    • Cadet College Petaro
    • Cadet College Razmek
    • Cadet College Swat
    • Cadet College Wana
    • Cadet College Karnal Sher Khan, Swabi
    • PAF College Sargodha
    • Cadet College Skardu
    • Any other college if
  3. Application for this award should be forwarded within six months of admission along with documents required vide Para


Time Period of Stipend

  1. Furthermore, The stipend is awarded for a complete academic session/class. Stipend applications for previous class/ session or a broken period of academic session and courses of less than one-year duration will not be
  2. In addition, Only one stipend is awarded during an academic
  3. A copy of the approved award list will be sent to the respective District Armed Services


  1. Migration.

    Furthermore, Students, who migrate from one institution to another before receiving the stipend, must submit Migration Certificate to General Manager (P&I), Fauji Foundation Head Office, duly signed by the head of the NEW INSTITUTION to effect change in payment records, immediately on migration /admission in the new.

  1. Stipends are processed and awarded according to a fixed schedule for each year. Students must follow the schedule strictly while submitting the applications.
  2. The current schedule is as follows:-



Groups & Dates

Receiving of

Applications at P&I Dept

1 Nov to

31 May

1 Nov to

31 May

1 Jan to

30 Jun

1 Apr to

30 Jun

Payment of


  Jul to Sep Jul to Sep Jul to Sep Jul to Sep



  1. Applications for classes for which the sessions are different from the one given in Para 12 above, must be forwarded within two months of the declaration of Exam result or 2020/
  2. Application of Gp-IV received till 30 Oct 2019 be paid in Feb/Mar 2020. The remaining application will be considered as per schedule is given in para.


  Procedure for Submitting Application





  1. Application Forms. Stipend application forms can be obtained on cash payment of Rs.6.00 perform, from the offices of District Armed Services Board, Fauji Foundation Welfare Projects or from Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt. The form can also be downloaded free of cost from the Fauji Foundation website https://www.fauji.org.pk/fauji/downloads.


      How To Apply for Fauji Foundation stipend?

  • A beneficiary is required to apply every year. Forms are processed through a computer, therefore, it is essential that application forms are correctly and neatly filled up in English (Capital Letters) and all portions/sections completed. While submitting the application, the applicant MUST read the instructions printed on the form so that forms are not rejected/ returned from this
  • Applicants of NUST and Defence Forces Institutions can also forward their applications through respective


  1. Documents Required. Copies of the following documents duly attested are required to be submitted along with the application:-


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For Fresh Application for Fauji Foundation Scholarship.

  • Release Order/Discharge certificate/pension book of self/father or
  • In case drawing of disability pension copy of pension book duly attested must be attached
  • National Identity Card of father/
  • National Identity Card or NADRA issued Form ‘B’ of
  • Death certificate/Disability certificate of father /mother (if applicable).
  • In case a disabled beneficiary is studying in a normal school, the Disability Certificate only obtained from District Disability Assessment Board or FF Hospital/ Centre will be acceptable. Medical certificate issued by an ordinary medical practitioner will NOT be
  • Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC) for Post Matric classes, duly attested by head of the present educational institution or Asst/Dy Dir DASB or a Commissioned Officer (Serving or retired). The downloaded copy must be attested by HOD/Principal.
  • For Renewal Cases. Stipend application form duly supported with a copy of Detailed Marks Certificate of previous class (only for post-matric level classes), duly attested as applicable vide Para 13


  1. Attestation of Form/Documents. A related section of the application form must be signed by the Head of the Educational Institution. Section IV of the form and all other documents must be attested by Superintendent/Assistant/ Deputy Director DASB or Commissioned Officer (Serving/Retired) clearly showing Rank & Name. DMC (Detailed Marks Certificate) can, however, be attested by the head of the present educational institution. The attestation of documents of own children by an officer is not.


             Payment of Stipend

  1. Pre-Matric/Post Matric (Gp-I, III & IV). A stipend will be paid through a money order in the name of the student at home address. Money order charges are deducted from the stipend amount.
  2. Gp-II (Graduation). It will be credited directly into the recipient bank account under intimation to the awardees. It is mandatory for all recipients to open an account with the nearest/convenient Askari Bank Ltd Branch. If a student studying in Gp-II (Graduation) is less than 18 years age and his account cannot be opened, he should give account number of his/her father/mother. Details of the bank account must be written on the application form. New Form can be downloaded at https://www.fauji.org.pk/fauji/downloads (downloads).
  3. On remittance of the amount, a message will be sent to the beneficiaries on given mobile


  1. Forfeiture of Stipends. A stipend is liable to be forfeited any time if it is obtained through wrongful means. Fauji Foundation reserves the right to cancel the stipend with immediate effect, recover the amount of stipend since paid to the applicant, and debar the student concerned from future


     Correspondence and Queries for Fauji Foundation stipend

  1. All correspondence will be addressed to “General Manager (P&I), Education Division, Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt”.


  1. In case of any query, the applicant MUST quote father’s/mother’s Service Number, last year’s stipend number, and district of domicile, along with a stamped/self-addressed envelope. Otherwise, the stipend department is not obliged to.
  2. A Query Booth has been established at the Main Gate of Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt. Visitors may contact the same during office working hours.
  3. These rules are effective from 01 Oct 2019 and supersede all previous rules on the subject.


How to check Fauji Foundation Stipend Status??


Fauji Foundation Stipend Query Checker is available for your ease. Furthermore, you may check the status of your stipend from below mentioned link.

Fauj Foundation Stipend Checker.


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    1. Kindly contact on these contacts and explain them your problem in an email with full detail.
      Phone: +92-51-595-1821 to 40

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  13. I have message from Fuji foundation that my scholarship is transfer into my easy Paisa account I have no easy Paisa account how can I get my scholarship

    1. Kindly check your number which you have mentioned because money can be sent through Easy paisa on CNIC and in account also. First, confirm this point. Furthermore, kindly contact the below-mentioned number and email for further queries.
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    1. New scholarships will be given according to new policies, Furthermore, kindly contact the below-mentioned number and email for further queries.
      Phone: +92-51-595-1821 to 40

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